Aussie houses are notoriously chilly at this time of year. And even if your home is fitted with central heating, hot air is no friend to already dry, stressed skin on your face and body. Snuggling up with a hot cup of tea will only take you so far. Add these local products to your body and your bed to help stay warm on even the most face-numbingly cold days.

Bonny Winter quilt

from $449 Bonny Winter quilt Bonny’s down-filled winter doona is super soft, fluffy and basically feels like being wrapped in a cloud. The Melbourne brand uses a wavy pattern to help avoid the down from clumping at the bottom of the bed – plus the vertical orientation makes it easy to work out which way is up when you’re changing the sheets.

Sheet Society Frankie flannelette sheets

Queen set from $195 Sheet Society Frankie flannelette sheets A set of flannelette sheets is another bedroom must-have for colder nights (and days). This set from Sheet Society is made from 100 per cent cotton that’s brushed on both sides. You can also build your own set in a range of colours and patterns.

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Hommey socks

$19 Hommey socks Toasty tootsies are an important part of keeping warm – in or out of your bed. There’s a bunch of Aussie brands equipped to sheath your feet, but Hommey’s first collection of socks is vying for top spot in your sock drawer. The cotton blend socks come in a pack of two pairs, with one solid and one striped design that you could easily mix and match (especially if the dryer sock thief rears its head). Add a pair of slippers for maximum cosiness.

Paire Merino blend hoodie and trackpants

$189 Paire Merino-blend hoodie and trackpants Home clothes, cosies, whatever you call them, there’s nothing quite like bundling up in fluffy trackies when it’s cold outside. If you’re guilty of stealing your partner’s sweats, it’s time to invest in your own set. Paire makes its Merino wool and cotton blend fleece extra fluffy but still breathable so you don’t get too warm or sweaty.

Kosi Ziggle heat pack

$74.95 Kosi Ziggle heat pack Kosi’s heat packs were conceived specifically to help alleviate pain and discomfort during your period – the brand was recently announced as the official partner of Endometriosis Australia. The 360-degree design means that warmth is distributed around your stomach and back, and the velcro closure allows you to “wear” the heat pack and continue your daily activities. The microwaveable warmers are also great for helping to fight winter chill, whether you’re in bed, working from home or trying to clean the house without your fingers freezing. You can also add the Snuggle style to sit over your shoulders, targeting your upper back for pain relief and keeping more of your body warm.

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