There’s nothing quite as comforting as a good set of plush towels. But actually keeping them soft and fluffy? It’s an uphill battle.

To combat your towels becoming rough and scratchy – a pain we all know too well – we asked Sydney-based luxury linen label Cultiver for help. The brand is well known for its pure linen towels, and recently expanded its bathroom range with a new speckled towel collection. Lightweight, neutral and versatile, the collection comprises a bath towel, bath sheet, hand towel and bathmat, all woven in Turkey from certified organic cotton.

We asked Cultiver founder Nicole Sullivan for her top tips when caring for and softening your towels, from the laundry process to where to store them.

How often should you wash your towels?

Sullivan recommends washing your towel after every third use – for hygienic purposes, of course, but also because it is kind on the fabric.

“The more you wash textiles, the faster they wear out,” she says. “It’s about finding a balance. Allow for plentiful ventilation [when you hang them up] so they can dry out between uses.”

What kind of detergent should you use?

For best results, a cold or warm machine wash with an all-natural detergent is Sullivan’s pick. If you opt for a standard detergent, read the label carefully to ensure it doesn’t contain optical whiteners or brighteners.

How should I dry my towels?

“It’s so personal,” says Sullivan. “It depends on whether you prefer your towels plush and soft straight out of the dryer, or the crisp and crunchy line dry feeling.”

If you opt for line drying, she recommends placing your towel in the shade to prevent fading. For tumble drying, always use the medium setting. Sullivan says Cultiver’s speckled towel collection can be dried to suit both tastes.

Sullivan also suggests trying wool dryer balls, “a great eco-friendly and reusable option to soften laundry naturally.”

How should I care for and store my towels?

According to Sullivan, you just need to store your towels in a dry environment, ideally outside of the bathroom, so that they stay nice and fresh.