Many of us are still exercising at home, and there’s a lot to like about sweating it out in private. You don’t have to queue up for weights, the shower is usually free, and the only strenuous workout grunts you need experience are your own.

On the flip side, most gym equipment serves function rather than form. It also needs to be accessible in your house, and not everyone has the space, time and motivation to stash away an uninspiring exercise mat or kettlebell after every workout.

The solution? Design-led fitness equipment that’s welcome in the home even if it’s not being used. When it’s time to feel the burn, these refined pieces are functional and easy on the eye.

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Addition Studio marble dumbbell
Is it an angular sculpture? Is it a one-kilo hand weight? Is it an artfully carved piece of natural stone? Aussie label Addition Studio’s marble dumbbell is all these things: a striking piece of gym kit that’s just as worthwhile displayed on the mantelpiece as it is knocking out some tricep kickbacks or weighted squats. Dumbbells are sold individually, so you can match or contrast with beige travertine and black marble. $109.95

Bala kit
Known for its lockdown-era hit weighted bangles, Bala turns out a range of shapely and colourful ergonomic exercise gear that can pass for installation art between reps. Weighted bars, rings and beams sub in for the more familiar forms of dumbbells, kettlebells and barbells. And the range extends to mats, rollers and skipping ropes, too, riffing on the same sleek capsule shapes and cheerful hues. Kits from $168

Kaseberga balance board set
Lean this Ikea cork and ply balance board set nonchalantly against a wall or bookcase and it immediately becomes a minimalist statement piece. Stand on it and it promises to strengthen core muscles while improving balance and coordination. Designed as a training tool for surfers and skateboarders, the Kaseberga features the kind of simple lines and restrained material palette that is Ikea at its best. $110

Seek Solitude yoga bolster
Made from pure cotton with a buckwheat-hull filling, these yoga bolsters from Mornington Peninsula label Seek Solitude do the job when you’re getting yin on the mat. They’re also a comfortable and stylish addition to your sofa, bringing a pared-back coastal aesthetic when it’s time to lounge post-savasana. Bolster covers are removable and washable to keep the whole thing fresh, and they’re available in six earthy colours. $139

Esfera wellness ball
We love exercise balls for planking, crunching and balancing, but we haven’t always loved their off-duty looks. Sydney label Esfera’s wellness balls are something new. Featuring washable fabric covers in a range of decor-friendly colourways, they’re designed to stay out on display rather than hide in a cupboard. Use as fun seating for guests, or practise active sitting at your home office desk in between sweat sessions. Large $179, small $169

Maat The Suede Tiger mat
Animal prints are a neutral, but The Suede from Maat in Tiger print is just as much glam rock as it is balanced meditation. At 3.5 millimetres thick, it features a sustainably sourced natural tree rubber base and recycled PET suede-feel top that promises an extra luxe workout for your next Pilates or yoga class. Roll it up for display or keep it unfurled as a stylish mini rug that’s equal parts Motley Crue and Dolce & Gabbana. $129

Frank Green extra-large ceramic reusable bottle
Need bulk hydration with style? This two-litre ceramic reusable bottle from Melbourne label Frank Green comes in a range of peppy hues, and its hefty thermal mass keeps water chilled for days. BPA-free and recyclable at end of life, it’s planet-friendly and functional. We also think it looks pretty good on a coffee table. $89.95