When Aussie home and lifestyle label Kip & Co celebrated its 10-year anniversary last year, co-founders Kate Heppell, Hayley Pannekoecke and Alex McCabe marked the occasion by collaborating with art and pop culture icon Ken Done.

Their bold and nostalgic collection was like a hit parade of Done’s best-loved designs: fun, painterly Australiana motifs in primary colours and naive brights. Parrots, flowers, yachts, tropical fish.

Now the bedding brand and the unofficial national treasure are back for round two, with a second collaboration in less than 12 months.

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This special-edition drop adds two more prints to the range, plus a new line of picnic accessories – along with sell-out designs from the first time around. Expect a heap of bedding, throws and cushions for kids and grown-ups; baby textiles such as swaddles and playmats; linen tablecloths, tea towels, aprons and napkins; beach towels and bags; and toiletry bags and travel cases.

Broadsheet spoke to Ken Done ahead of the new launch to find out more about his inspirations and how it feels to reach a new generation of fans.

Tell us a bit about your partnership with Kip & Co – how does the collaboration work?
Kip & Co had approached us a few times over the years, and had been interested in working with us for quite a long time. Their 10-year anniversary seemed the right time to make it happen! We collaborate on print choices and they then apply them to various products. Beautifully.

The founders are all massive fangirls of yours. How has it been working with them?
They are all great girls and I am flattered that they should enjoy my work so much.

There are two new prints for this drop – Nasturtium and Frangipani. Can you tell us about the history and inspiration behind those?
I have loved nasturtiums and frangipanis since I was a very little boy. The smell of both of those flowers is immensely evocative to me. There were nasturtiums growing wild around our old house in Maclean on the Clarence River, and of course every back garden had at least one frangipani tree. They are the flowers of my boyhood. We’ve used the frangipani motif many times since the early days, from very disciplined drawings to much more graphically simple versions of those same leaf-and-flower shapes.

How does it feel having your classic prints enjoyed and used and celebrated decades after they debuted?
It makes me feel immensely proud, flattered and old.

How do you hope people feel and respond to your designs when they are using them?
Whatever they are doing, I hope what they’re wearing or using or sleeping under enhances the joy of the situation they’re in.

Kip & Co x Ken Done Special Edition is available Tuesday August 8 from 6pm AEST.