What happens when two jewellers get overly competitive at Friday night drinks? For Victoria Mason and Ewan Tremellen, co-founders of Creo Melbourne, the answer is a lot of fancy tipples and a new collaborative range of silver and pearl cocktail accoutrements – including one adorned with dangling lemon pips.

“We started in business together in 2019 after a long time being independent jewellers,” Mason tells Broadsheet. “On Fridays Ewan and I would try to impress each other with fancy, over-the-top cocktails. It was just a bit of fun at the end of the week, which turned into making some really beautiful cocktail pieces.”

Currently the Creo barware line boasts three designs. There’s a sleek and minimalist sterling silver cocktail stirrer, and a pair of polished silver cocktail picks each adorned with an elegant twist and a weighty baroque freshwater pearl. Then there’s a pair of lemon pip cocktail skewers featuring two life-size pips, originally cast from a Melbourne lemon tree, swinging merrily from delicate silver chains. “They make a nice clink against the glassware when you take a sip,” Tremellen explains.

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It took a lot of dedicated experimentation to get those kinds of functional elements right, he says. “The length of the pick is very important to sit nicely in a variety of glassware and show off a tricky garnish. We didn’t want to over-complicate the stem for practical reasons, but the little twist detail was made by using square wire, which also helped the strength of the stem.”

“We’ve thoroughly tested them with all sorts of cocktails and glasses,” Mason laughs.

The cocktail collection is the second combined work for the pair – the first was a pendant light design in 2021 – and it’s a chance to apply their skills “outside the traditional jewellery realm”, Tremellen says.

“The cocktail pieces are made in the same way that we make jewellery: with care, attention to detail and an understanding of how it will be used,” Mason says. “The silver is work-hardened by hammering on steel so that they are robust enough to skewer garnishes or mix ingredients. They’re basically jewellery for your fancy drinks.”

As for serving suggestions, Mason says the silver and pearl cocktail pick “is perfect for skewering two olives in a Martini glass”. Meanwhile, “The lemon pips can hold a delicate citrus curl in a Whisky Sour, and the design of the pearl stirrer incorporates a small scoop at the end to gently blend sugar and mint leaves in your Mojito.”

Of course, Tremellen and Mason can attest their silver cocktail pieces work well for Friday knock-off drinks. They’re also made to glam up just about any occasion, Mason says.

“I hope these pieces form part of a get-together with friends and make their catch-up just a little more fancy. Creo specialises in celebratory gifts, and these cocktail pieces are being purchased as special birthday gifts for friends or by clients who see the fun in adding some extra glamour to their home. Pride in presentation always gets noticed.”