When it comes to daily routines, more and more Australians are making an effort to ditch plastic and find more environmentally friendly options to add to their routines. Removing water from products can also help to reduce carbon footprints as smaller, lighter products are easier to ship. Plus, solid refills are generally able to be housed in plastic-free or compostable packaging. These three Aussie brands are delivering powder-to-liquid formulas to add to your beauty and cleaning routines, as well as your morning coffee.


Epzen’s Dream bubble bath is a self-care mainstay. But the brand has recently expanded its body care collection to include a concentrated powder-to-gel body wash in an effort to further reduce the environmental impact of our showers. There are two scents to choose from: mandarin, orange blossom and cedarwood or coconut cream and vanilla bean. The starter pack comes with a “forever bottle” that you can refill with sachets in the future – 20 grams turns into 400ml, or approximately 35 washes.

The brand is currently offering 50 per cent off its BYO H2O range to celebrate National Water Week. Use code WATERWEEK50.

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Pleasant State

Pleasant State’s sleek glass bottles won’t just make your cleaning kit chicer, the Sunshine Coast-based brand offers Australia’s first concentrated cleaning bars that dissolve in tap water to make zero-waste solutions for your whole house. The range spans bathroom, kitchen, multipurpose, floor and glass products, as well as dish soap and handwash. Once you’ve gotten your hands on a starter kit you can simply buy refills (which come in compostable wrappers) to top up your supply.


When you buy a carton of plant-based milk, you’re paying a premium for water that has been added into a once-solid product, which in turn makes it heavier (and therefore more expensive) to ship. Nimbus has created an oat milk mix made from Australian oats and avocado oil, which can be shaken with water to get the perfect consistency for pouring into your coffee, cereal or even cooking and baking. The 540-gram pack makes five litres of oat milk and works out to cost $3.96 per litre. Because you also have the power to mix up the amount you need, there’s less chance of wasting a half-used carton that has sat around for a little too long. There’s also an option to buy single-serve sachets – which make one cup of oat milk – to take on the go.

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