Buying furniture often involves a compromise between looks, budget and durability. Like Nomi before it, new company Peninsula is rebalancing this equation with pieces made in Australia using FSC-certified Tasmanian oak. So far the range is limited to two items – a bedside table and sideboard, both inspired by mid-century design. Though the two pieces are attractive and built to last, automated CNC routing keeps labour costs down and so too the final prices. Win-win. $400 / $1600 /

Natalie Marie – Eau
Water, tides and the moon. Such is the inspiration behind Sydney-based jeweller Natalie Marie’s new 73-piece collection, Eau. The range of bangles, rings necklaces and earrings features diamonds, pale-green amethysts, milky freshwater pearls and smoky quartz set into graceful elliptical and crescent forms, with just the slightest hint of art deco. They’re guaranteed to level up any outfit – especially if you stack a few together. From $180 /

Adrian Olasau GH Bike Rack
Design is necessarily a balancing act between form and function. But in the case of this bike rack, the function is so simple that designer Adrian Olasau has been able to focus on making something more akin to art. Crafted from solid timber laminations and finished with natural oil, the elegant GH bike rack is the kind of thing you’ll want in your lounge room, not stuck out in the garage or hallway. Now all you need is a bike that’s smart enough to do it justice. $558 /

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This story originally appeared in Melbourne print issue 28 and Sydney print issue 20. Some details and prices may have changed since publication.