Nutmixr Oat, Nut and Soy Milk Maker

$269 Nutmixr Oat, Nut and Soy Milk Maker Anyone who’s ever made their own almond (or oat, soy or rice) milk knows it’s a chore. The soaking, the draining, the blending, the straining – there’s a reason we buy it in Tetra Paks. But from the cost of a carton to questions around sustainability and additives or preservatives, it’s an imperfect solution. Melbourne brand Nutmixr launched in August 2023 with an electric milk maker. While the core functions of the Nutmixr Milk Maker are blending and heating, you can use both modes beyond milk making: for smoothies and even cups of tea if you want to further streamline your kitchen counter.

Breville Paradice 9 Food Processor

$549 Breville Paradice 9 Food Processor Food processors are notoriously chunky and clunky. But the right device can make meal prep a much more manageable task. The Paradice 9, the latest from Breville, was designed with small kitchens in mind. The compact puzzle-like design has room for all the attachments to nestle neatly inside the machine. They’re also colour coded so you know what goes where and how to use it. Dice, shred, slice and even make dough in the nine-cup bowl.

Kitchenaid Artisan Stand Mixer KSM192

$639 Kitchenaid Artisan Stand Mixer KSM192 A Kitchenaid Stand Mixer is a dream benchtop addition for many bakers. But with the right attachments, it can also be a pasta maker, meat grinder, ice shaver, ice-cream machine or juicer. You can also switch up the mixer function (and its aesthetics) with stainless steel, glass and ceramic bowls.

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