Furniture and homewares brand En Gold is all about helping your space stand out with timeless, limited-run or one-of-a-kind pieces. Founder Steffanie Ball started it as an Instagram page to sell her pre-loved and vintage finds, before expanding to furniture and plinths she designed herself.

Now the online shop also stocks clam shell lamps, ceramics, sculptures, and paintings from artists and designers around Australia and the world. Its newest partnership is with Kar-Studio, founded in China by designer Steven Yeung.

Kar specialises in furniture made from light and sturdy fibreglass in moody neutral tones. Yeung first moulds the pieces with clay by hand, then uses 3D printing to scale the models up and create moulds.

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The fibreglass copies every crevice, nook, curve and irregularity of the clay, preserving the unique shape and form of the original. Layers are poured over the piece by hand over multiple days for a jade-like finish.

Ball says she added Kar-Studio to the En Gold collection because Yeung’s handcrafted pieces align with the company’s principles of being handcrafted and paying respect to century-old process and craftsmanship. (En Gold has exclusive representation of the studio in Australia and New Zealand.)

There are larger Kar-Studio pieces, such as three-legged low coffee tables ($4136) and curl-up lounges ($3050), as well as smaller pieces such as cobbled wall hooks ($198) and a multipurpose vase-slash-bin ($363). Also in the catalogue: a “playdough chair” with conspicuous dimples, a compact S-shaped stool, an arched bench and an imposing round dining table.

Most pieces come in either black or white, though the hooks and bin also come in a slightly warmer, pinkish coffee shade.

“The opportunity to recognise artisans who share a fundamental respect to slow interiors and handcrafted design, through providing them with a platform to the Australian and New Zealand market, is a responsibility we embrace and do not take lightly,” Ball says.