The world isn’t done with dopamine design just yet. Case in point: Ikea’s new Tesammans range, made in collaboration with Raw Color.

The 18-piece collection taps into the distinct design language of the Eindhoven-based creative duo, playing with colour, material and shape in everyday objects.

“We have an emotional and intuitive approach to colour, exploring how different shades interact to enhance each other,” says Raw Color’s Christoph Brach.

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“Colours are never alone; they need company and it’s much like a recipe where finding the right balance is key for an object to truly sparkle.”

At the cheaper end of things, the Tesammans product line includes cheerfully coloured mugs ($5), snazzy cushion covers ($8) and mod ceiling mobiles ($19).

On the pricier side, find a clever two-tone side table with hidden storage ($69), a useful caddy on wheels ($129) – perfect as a bedside table, cocktail cabinet or kids art and craft stash – and a generous striped area rug ($299).

The Tesammans range will be available online and in-store from April 1.

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