For many of us, a good facial or massage is the ideal way to unwind. That’s the case for Cheryl Law, a lifestyle influencer and model who has done “pretty much every skin treatment under the sun”, from non-surgical facelifts to LED treatments. But for Law, setting up a day spa at home can be just as relaxing.
“It’s a whole lot more convenient,” says Law. “It’s the same mentality as the gym: it has to be accessible, or you’ll just say, ‘I’ll do it later.’”

Law says a DIY spa day is a great way to indulge and invest in skincare if you’re on a budget or short on time. That is, of course, after seeking advice from a dermatologist, dermal therapist or knowledgeable retail consultant, especially if you have specific skin concerns.

“It’s about getting the right knowledge and finding out what’s right for your body,” says Law. “Once you have those hero products, I absolutely believe you can re-create [the spa experience] at home.”
We asked Law to share her top tips for creating a home spa session that will “help reset everything, including your mind and body”.

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Set the mood
“I think we can all relate to a moment where we’ve gone into a store or day spa and you’re just hit with scent,” says Law. “Sensory [elements] just set the mood.”
Law starts her routine by burning a few candles for warmth and cosiness. For a more elevated experience, she recommends ditching the Kmart candle and “getting out the special one”. Her personal favourite is Palm Cove’s salted caramel scent. She also turns on a few warm-coloured lamps.
Soft music humming in the background is also essential for mimicking a spa setting. Law puts on Spotify’s Chilled Hits playlist, but she says you can listen to “whatever gets you into a mood where you are relaxed, where you can hear the music, but you’re not thinking about it”.

Get comfy
One of the easiest ways to actually feel like you’re at a day spa is by popping on a white robe. “If you can do it at a spa or clinic there’s absolutely no reason why we can’t invest in these little things for ourselves at home,” says Law.

After shampooing, conditioning, masking and scrubbing in the shower, the first thing Law does is don her robe. In winter, it’s a full-length plush robe that reminds her of “wearing a blanket”, and during warmer months she switches to a shorter silk number. If you’re not keen on a robe, go for anything soft and comfy like your favourite hoodie or cardigan.

Consider an LED face mask
Law says most skin clinics she visits now offer LED therapy, which can “heal the skin and [help you] relax at the end of the session”. There’s some debate around whether home LED masks are effective – they don’t have the same power level as you’d experience in a clinic – but Law uses one for 10-15 minutes every day. She opts for the Dr Dennis Grove LED Face Mask. “[It’s] well known in the industry, backed by lots of research … and gives us all the opportunity to have a bit of a spa and facial experience at home,” she says.

Treat and hydrate your skin
Whether it’s a facial or a massage, one of the most satisfying parts of any spa treatment is being lathered with hydrating serums and creams – an easy thing to do at home.
Moisturising helps lock in the final part of your skincare routine. “We want anything that’s good for retaining moisture,” says Law. “I naturally have quite dry skin, so anything that helps with that is a plus in my book … and you want it to be something that is accessible to use.”

Law uses The Body Shop’s Vitamin E Moisture Day Cream, which she applies twice a day. Its two key ingredients, vitamin E and hyaluronic acid, help to hydrate the skin for up to 48 hours*. Plus, the cream feels light on the skin, absorbs easily and, as Law says, “smells really good, like a bouquet of flowers”.

“When we’re creating a day spa at home, we want products that make you feel good naturally and release a really good mood,” says Law. “Smell helps to create that atmosphere.” Law applies a layer of the cream onto her face and then moves onto her entire body as the final step in her skincare routine, which involves cleansing and serums, and the one she looks forward to most.

“You’ve spent so long scrubbing and washing your hair and body, and sometimes it’s tiring,” she says. “That’s why this last step is the perfect little finish.“

Put the kettle on and zen out
Finally, unwind and hydrate with a comforting cup of tea. Law usually goes for anything from Tea Tonic, Pukka’s “herbally fragrant” eucalyptus tea or just a simple peppermint tea. Law says the tea of choice doesn’t matter though – it’s about the effects it will have on your body. “I’m being so much more conscious of how important hydration is… you finish a cup of tea and don’t even realise how much water you drank,” she says.

This article is produced by Broadsheet in partnership with The Body Shop. All efficacy claims for the Vitamin E Moisture Day Cream were provided by The Body Shop based on their own clinical testing.