As the purveyor of Australia’s tallest candles, you’d think Hall of Flame founder Sheridan Tjhung would be all about embracing the light. But when it comes to the design of her sky-high tapers, Tjhung’s inspiration is decidedly goth.

“My aesthetic is slightly darker,” Tjhung tells Broadsheet. “Our tall tapers create such a sense of ambience. It’s so theatrical – kind of like the candles you’ll find in a cathedral.”

Coming to her blazing business with a background in floristry, Tjhung started Hall of Flame after noticing a lack of candles on the market that weren’t all beige and boring – and a little stubby.

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“When I was styling events as a florist, I remember having to buy candles from Ikea because that’s all there was,” she says. “There really wasn’t anything fun out there.”

Hall of Flame aims to change all that, with a signature line of luxury candles in dizzyingly tall heights and all sorts of hues, from carnival red to pistachio green.

The tallest clock in at one metre high and 36 hours’ burn time, elevating any table they’re placed on – literally. There are neon birthday candles, dramatic colour drips, metallics, and wavy numbers, plus elegant, ultra-thin tapers in a variety of hues. Candle accessories are covered too, with floral-inspired candle holders and glass sleeves to protect your table from rogue wax drips.

The label says it’s the source of the tallest tapers in Australia, a claim that Tjhung is most proud of. “Candles on tables has become such a huge trend because they have the added element of ambience. Candles with height is a trend that we created, which is pretty amazing,” she says.

Since starting in 2020, Hall of Flame has transformed from a one-woman show to a thriving business based out of a studio in West Perth that the team has now almost outgrown. Tjhung brought on friends from her past life in events and fashion to help her scale up, a move she says has made the brand a whole lot more fun.

“I’m so lucky to have Sophie and Evana. We’ve all worked in events across London and New York – Sophie has a background in fashion, and Evana used to be a florist too,” Tjhung says. “Having the girls join me was the best decision I’ve ever made.”

It’s been a challenging process getting Hall of Flame to where it’s at now, though. In the early stages, Tjhung spent much of her time finding the right manufacturer to produce wares to her exacting standards.

“Manufacturers didn’t want to touch it because it’s such fragile work to create,” Tjhung explains. “They just didn’t have a need to venture into making candles taller than 40 centimetres.

"We’ve just started working with a new manufacturer in Indonesia, which involved a lot of back and forth trying to tweak all the colours and make sure everything is perfect and consistent.”

While florists and brides make up most of the customer base, Tjhung puts a lot of focus on the online retail store so regular punters can easily get their hands on the candles. They’re also stocked in a few galleries and gift stores across the country, including the NGV.

“Weddings are our biggest clients, but we’ve noticed more trends coming about in the home, too. Dinner parties have become such a big thing, and candles are a huge part of that experience. We have bundles online that people can choose and style things themselves, which is so fun.”

And her expert tips for table styling? Tjhung says less is more, and don’t be afraid of things not being symmetrical. “Negative space is so important. One of the biggest things people always do is just fill, fill, fill. And then it becomes so overwhelming. There’s such beauty in simplicity.”