It might have seemed like it was the summer of the pizza oven, but autumn is about to heat up. Gozney has just released the Arc range.

The Arc and Arc XL ovens take their design cues from the Dome but offer smaller footprints for storing and using in tight outdoor spaces. But while they’re small(ish) on the outside, the Arc has a 37.5 x 46 centimetre stone floor (the XL model is slightly larger), as well as a wider mouth to make manoeuvring pizzas easier than ever.

Another new feature on the Arc is a built-in digital thermometer that keeps the stone floor at a consistent temperature. You can set an alert for the ideal temperature (up to 500 degrees Celsius), depending on your preferred pizza style. Are you team New York or Naples?

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It’s time to get your dough ready. The “plug and play” set-up means this oven is ready to go as soon as you unbox it. Just pop in the batteries and plug in the gas. Plus, one of Gozney’s key selling points is that you can cook a pizza in about 60 seconds – arguably less time than it takes to add extra toppings to your Uber Eats order.

There’s also a suite of accessories to add to your set-up, including a stand with winged side tables, a booster for propping on benches or tables, and a cover to protect your oven.

Fans of the brand include Aussie chefs Joel Bennetts, Isobel Little and Darren Robertson, as well as author Julia Busuttil Nishimura, and cook and creative Jessica Nguyen.

Gozney Arc oven

$1199.99 Gozney Arc oven

Gozney Arc XL oven

$1399.99 Gozney Arc XL oven

Gozney Arc and Arc XL stand

$349 Gozney Arc and Arc XL stand

Gozney Arc Arc and Arc XL stand cover

$129.99 Gozney Arc Arc and Arc XL stand cover

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