Hommey might be best known for its cloud-like cushions but the brand is on a mission to make your house extra cosy, one room at a time. With a number of plush additions to its towel collection, bathrooms are next on the list.

Beach towels and robes have become firm favourites from the brand, but the extended bathroom range now includes sumptuous bath sheets, classic towels, face washers and hand towels in 11 colours.

You can also shop a bundle – which is fully customisable – if you’re in need of a full linen cupboard makeover.

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Each piece is made from a dense 700gsm cotton that is super absorbent, so you won’t be left moving the water across your body without feeling dry. Long piles give an extra soft hand feel that’s like a hug.

But for all the luxury that a fluffy new towel brings, there’s nothing worse than when they start to get rough and scratchy. Founder (and chief comfort officer) Justin Kestelman has the solution.

“Here’s our secret sauce: warm machine wash, with little to no detergent but add white vinegar. A warm tumble dry is recommended,” he says. “Using detergent is not recommended because it coats the fibres of the towel and gives that ‘crispy’ effect after washing.”

A lot of people love white towels for the freshness they bring to a space (and the option to bleach away stains). But there is something to be said for adding colour into the mix to bring your bathroom to life.

Lean into an earthy colour palette this winter with warm shades like coconut, sage, latte and cocoa. Or if you’re feeling more playful, pick bright colours like bubblegum, lavender and sky that are sure to bolster your morning mood.

The brand’s plush robes have also been updated in the new colourways. And they’ve been downsized for kids in solid and striped options too.


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