Our beds are intimate places. If you abide by averages, we spend about a third of our lives sleeping. Eight hours per night, 56 hours per week, 2912 hours per year – you can do the rest of the maths. Then there’s all the extra time: snotty sick days, reading books in bed and hungover Sundays toggling between social media apps. Your sheets are there for it all.

Roomie wants to help you create a cocoon of comfort – both literally and figuratively. The Sydney-based brand has launched with a range of buttery-soft washed cotton-sateen sheets in eight complementary feel-good colours.

“The bedroom is a safe space. It’s where you start your day and end it. Sometimes it’s where you cry, wrapped up in the covers,” co-founder Amber McDonald says. “When I was living in a sharehouse with five people, my room was my sanctuary – like a little home of its own. We wanted to bring that energy and personality to the brand to help our customers create a comfortable yet playful place for themselves.”

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Roomie doesn’t take life too seriously. There is a sense of joy baked into the brand that starts with its emoji-inspired logo, weaves its way through colours named “whipped cream”, “iced matcha” and “olive Martini”, and extends to helpful details like tags on fitted sheets that read “I’m the short side” and “I’m the long side” (which are almost as good as having a second set of hands to help you make the bed). Duvet covers are complete with inner corner ties, so you can secure your quilt insert and avoid the dreaded sag to the bottom saga.

Linen bedding has become a go-to for many sleep enthusiasts but the team behind Roomie make a strong argument for adding organic cotton to your collection, especially one with such a soft hand-feel. “Our washed sateen is the perfect middle ground between classic percale and shiny sateens on the market. It still has a cool crispness but it’s also really buttery,” co-founder Ponti Lekhawichit says. With a 300 thread count, these sheets are lightweight but still cosy. “Organic cotton is breathable, it adapts to your body temperature so it’s great in summer when nights are hot, but our weave is also not too cold to the touch on chilly winter days,” Lekhawichit says.

Tapping into the growing trend for brands that exist where ethics meet aesthetics, Roomie caters to a cohort of consumers that are conscious about how and where they’re spending their money. “Our cotton is GOTS-certified and we work with Fairtrade manufacturers in India. We believe in quality over quantity and produce in small batches to limit waste. We want to be good Roomies but we also want to be accessible,” Lekhawichit says.

Roomie encourages a mix-and-match approach to making the bed. Let your imagination run wild when it comes to choosing the ultimate colour combo or find inspiration in the curated bundles. There are sets of butter and whipped cream, which the brand describes as a “delicious blend [that] will make bedtime feel as sweet as a spoonful of whipped cream on a warm buttery croissant”. And mixes like olive Martini, fresh lilac and oat milk or iced matcha, whipped cream and affogato.

“We did a lot of research into colour theory and how certain shades can make you feel. For example, blue is calming and can help settle your heart rate,” McDonald says. “There’s no wrong combo. Some days you feel like having everything white and really fresh. Others you might want a splash of lilac or something that brightens the room up. We want people to have fun with their choices and tailor their sets to mood and personality.”

The range is currently sized for queen and king beds, and standard pillows. However, the brand has quickly taken on feedback from customers and is exploring additional options, including super king sizing and Euro cases. Watch this space.


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