Frank Green is no stranger to innovation. And the brand is particularly focused on meeting its customers’ needs – remember when it made a car cup holder after Tiktok sold out stocks of plumbing pipe at Bunnings?

Something that fans of the brand’s reusable water bottles have been asking for is a lid that lets you sip from a straw or drink straight from the bottle, depending on your mood. Enter the Switch lid.

“This project has literally been 10 years in the making and brings an innovative solution to life based on how real users think, feel and behave. Everything we have learned has been poured into this product,” Frank Green’s founder and CEO Benjamin Young said in a statement.

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The design is chunkier than what you might be used to from Frank Green. But the larger lid is housing multiple drinking options. A “switcher” mechanism lets you toggle between a straw and a regular mouthpiece – the first time that the brand has offered this shape for sippers.

The lid features a button on the front that can be pushed up to lock the bottle and make sure it doesn’t leak in your bag. When it’s unlocked, simply push the button in and the lid will flip open for touch-free drinking.

The new lid is available to fit the 595-mil bottle, as well as one-litre and two-litre sizes. It comes in 21 colours that you can mix and match with your favourite bottle.

Frank Green Switch Lid

$24.95 Frank Green Switch Lid

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