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Summer’s is well and truly here and Boia has got your back. Launched last year, the Perth-based brand offers three inflatable pontoons that are perfect for boat owners and open water enthusiasts.

The Harbour is a curved float with a comfortable backrest that offers the ultimate lounging setup. The Dock is available in five sizes, making it a good pick for couples and families alike. And the Hammock is a circula option that submerges users in the water. With customisable colours and the ability to connect multiple pontoons together, these are not your average pool floats.

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Founders Thomas Freeman and Nicholas Hughes share a love for water. After hosting an ocean event, they realised there was a lack of on-water seating and accessories available for spectators and sunshine revellers alike. Enter Boia.

“Each Boia is fully inflatable. Once it’s been deflated, it folds and rolls into an easy-to-store carry bag,” Freeman says.

You can choose between an electric or hand pump depending on how hard you want to work while setting up your relaxation station. And the non-slip deck-like surface is sturdy enough to pop chairs on, for maximum comfort.

Whether you own a boat or not, Boia’s products are ready for days spent on the ocean, down river or at the lake. A rope ladder, mountable cooler and dry bag for storing your valuables round out the brand’s offering so far. But keep your eyes peeled for a sand anchor launching soon, which can be attached to your Boia to keep from floating too far from shore.

Bondi Beach, North Stradbroke Island and Rottnest Island are some of Freeman’s favourite places to spend a day on the water – and he wants to keep them pristine. Boia donates 10 per cent of its profits to Sea Shepherd Australia, to help preserve our oceans globally.

“It’s really important that if we’re enjoying the water, we also give back. Supporting Sea Shepherd was one of the easiest decisions we’ve made,” Freeman says.

This story was originally published on November 25, 2022 and has since been updated.

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