There are always two sides to every story. Ask Jacob Mills and Giovanna Fois how they met, and they’ll each give you different versions.

For Mills, it was as simple as meeting through mutual friends. But Fois tells Broadsheet they matched on Hinge. “The only reason I matched with him is because we had mutual friends,” she says, adding she did a “big stalk” before their first date at Taylor’s Rooftop Bar in Sydney.

By the fourth date they knew they were onto something good. “They say, ‘when you know, you know’ and you always pass that off as a platitude,” says Mills. “But then you meet the person, and you’re like, ‘Oh wow, that’s what they meant’. There’s none of that anxiety around.”

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It was Fois’s humour and sharpness that won Mills over, while Fois says Mills “ticked every single box”.

“I was very specific,” she says. “I was actually manifesting exactly what man I wanted. I had put it out to the universe that I wanted someone who had a musical background – Jacob used to play drums in a band and still plays guitar. I wanted someone who had a design background, which is very specific because I’m very design-focused. I wanted someone creative [who] could match my creativity. I also wanted someone funny because I need to laugh, and he’s a very funny bloke.”

Five years later, Mills and Fois are parents to two-year-old Bowie, and they just tied the knot in May where they found themselves celebrating at Taylor’s Rooftop for old time’s sake. They now live in Coffs Harbour, a move swayed by daycare availability and family living nearby. They bought their first home at Sapphire Beach, but the couple still spends time in Sydney, where Mills’s mum lives.

When Broadsheet meets the young family, they’ve come to Sydney for one of their monthly trips.

“A lot of our decisions are very off-the-cuff,” says Fois. “If we have an idea, we do it. A lot of our friends and families are always thinking we’re going way too quickly.”

Their regular trips to Sydney are partly due to Mills’s job. He’s the creative lead of HR software firm Deputy, while Fois works a full-time gig at hospitality software company Ordermentum. When the couple aren’t juggling day jobs and home life, they’re working on their tableware brand Sunday Lunch, which launched in November 2023. It’s an homage to Fois’s Italian family and the traditional Sunday lunch, as well as the couple’s love for hosting.

“We used to have lunch with my whole family every Sunday at my grandparents’. I just wanted to bring that energy, that love, and that joy, and that emotion I felt every Sunday [to the brand],” Fois says. “I’ve also always had a love for linen. I remember when I was 18, I tried to start a linen brand but I gave that up. I’ve always had a love for natural materials, and it all snowballed from there. I also love styling and hosting.”

Sunday Lunch’s first collection includes tablecloths, placemats and napkins in terracotta, bay leaf, Parisian (blue) and beige colourways, all made from 100 per cent French flax linen. It also sells a short apron with “Sunday Lunch” embroidered above a handy pocket for kitchen utensils or a tea towel.

“We really want to make it easy [for people] to host,” Fois says. “If we can give people a box that’s got your tablecloth, napkins and placemats, at least you’ve got the basics.”

They’re also designing and releasing their own plateware. Mills envisions growing the brand into an arts and culture concept one day. “We’d love to host lunches,” he adds. “I’d love to personally collaborate with artists and do wall prints [too]. We want to expand out to the whole room, starting with the table and then taking over people’s entire living and dining rooms.”

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