Every dad is unique and different, and gift-giving on Father’s Day should reflect that. To celebrate all types of dads, we’ve put together a comprehensive gift guide that’ll cover luxury dads, sporty dads, creative dads, food-loving dads – the whole range. Whether he needs a new bag for the daily commute, an on-the-go fireplace for camping, or a luxurious bathrobe for relaxing, we’ve got him (and you) covered. Plus, we’re giving one reader the chance to walk away with a selection of the best gifts in our guide, which should place you in golden child territory.

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Under $50

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Institute Cap from Critical Slide Society
Since its Central Coast beginnings in 2009, Critical Slide Society has been a surf brand with its own sense of style. It was founded by a group of artists, musicians, filmmakers and surfers, and those influences bring a relaxed, coastal vibe to pieces like this Institute Cap. Surfer or not, this one is sure to go down a treat for dad – an easy, one-size-fits-all option at an even more relaxed $39.95.

Bish Bash Bosh Pack from Reed and Co Distillery
Former chefs Hamish Nugent and Rachel Reed traded restaurant life for distilling in 2016, opening Reed and Co to celebrate Victoria’s high country botanicals. Those flavours jump out of gins like its Australian Dry (with gum leaves and native citrus) but, to really take the pressure off dad on his special day, opt for Bish Bash Bosh, its ready-to-drink canned cocktail priced at $44 for a four-pack. Here, Nugent and Reed have teamed up with two Melbourne producers, blending Melbourne Sake Koshihikari and Marionette apricot brandy with its citrusy grape spirit Mistelle. Pour over ice and away you (or dad) go.

Non 3 Toasted Cinnamon and Yuzu from Non
The idea with Non is simple: non-alcoholic drinks should be just as inventive and progressive as anything brewed or distilled. Non founder Aaron Trotman takes inspiration from the way that fine-dining restaurants approach non-alcoholic drink matching, combining cool ingredients with a serious dose of technique. Non 3 is a wine alternative that ditches the booze in favour of bitter dehydrated oranges, tannin from cinnamon, semillon verjuice for a little acidity, and a final hit of Murray River salt. Priced at just $30, it’s a drink you’ll want to get your hands on, alcohol or not.

Hotter Sauce from Truff
Don’t try to fact-check this claim: dads love hot sauces. Maybe it’s a show of fatherly strength, or maybe it’s just that rush of spice-induced endorphins – either way, this amped-up sauce from Truff will light him up. Founders Nick Guillen and Nick Ajluni have carved themselves a niche, adding the earthy complexity of black truffles and sweetness of agave nectar to classic hot sauce flavour profiles. Their $32.95 Hotter Sauce adds a little extra zip to the original, clocking in at around 5000 on the Scoville scale, roughly the same as a jalapeno.

Rosewood Corkscrew from Winona
The team at Winona on Sydney’s Northern Beaches is all about the natural and bespoke – natty wines, small-batch spirits, handcrafted objects. With its handsome rosewood handle, this waiter’s friend-style corkscrew slots right in and, at just $15, is (might we suggest) perhaps best paired with a wine equally natural and charming to use it on.

Quartz Hill Olive Oil from Meatsmith
From Lauriston in Central Victoria, Quartz Hill olive oil is prized for its deep, rich flavour. Four different olives make up the blend here – the delicately flavoured Leccino; bitter, peppery Frantoio; fruity Arbequina; and polyphenol-rich Picual. At $17 per 250ml bottle, it’s definitely not your everyday sauté oil, rather, the complex flavours are best dressing salads, finishing pastas or with a little flaky salt on great bread. But it’s Father’s Day after all, and your dad deserves it.

The Chappy Family from Chappy’s
Port Melbourne’s Chappy’s likes to make its chips the old-fashioned way, kettle cooking in batches for that rustic crunch. This pack wrangles the whole family of old-school, dad-appropriate flavours together for $30: Olsson’s Pacific Sea Salt, dill pickle, smoked tomato, mango and habanero, and smoked ham and mustard. Plus, it says family in the name, which means he’s obliged to share, right?

Smile Mug from Worktones

Sydney fashion brand Worktones is all about combining good quality with simple design. Like its range of breathable work shirts, cotton twill aprons and elastic-waisted pants, this smile mug isn’t flashy – but it holds roughly 350ml of coffee and should bring a bit of joy to your old man. At $30, this smiley porcelain guy ought to brighten up dad’s morning, even if he’s running late to work.

Under $200

Acqua di Gio Parfum

The story behind Giorgio Armani’s Acqua di Gio is that master perfumer Alberto Morillas wanted to capture the soul of the Mediterranean in a fragrance, and one could say he was successful. Acqua di Gio Parfum is a new innovation that continues this legacy, with bergamot and marine notes backed by mineral-tinted incense. Parfum is $191 for the refillable 75ml bottle, while the Acqua di Gio Eau de Parfum gift set includes at 75ml bottle of the EDP as well as a travel-sized 15ml version.

Card Holder from Freitag
The story behind Freitag is one of resourceful genius. Back in 1993, brothers Markus and Daniel Freitag wanted a waterproof bag to protect their graphic design work, so they designed their own out of truck tarps, inner tubes and seat belts. It means that this phone case card holder is recycled, individual (no two are the same) and rugged – a hefty combo for just $60. Ideal for gently helping slim down the everyday carry (you don’t need every receipt you’ve ever received, dad) or just an easy way to stash the important credit cards.

The Masculine Candle Collection from Paul Anthony
Leather and wood; tobacco leaf and amber; suede and tonka bean – these are the scents of Paul Anthony. While the brand is celebrated for its range of personal fragrances, the Masculine Candle Collection brings these aromas to the home in the form of hand-poured, soy wax candles. At $69, and with a burn time of around 70 hours, dads will have plenty of time to sit back and relax.

Fish Butchery by Josh

Sydney chef Josh Niland is truly paving the way with his “fin-to-scale” mission, with his
dedication to cooking with as much of the fish as possible. With several Sydney restaurants
under his belt, this cookbook is a peek into his mission. Presented in three separate sections
(catch, cut and craft), the book is the ideal gift for dad – whether he’s new to cooking or an
experienced chef. It comes in at just $49 and that price is well worth the meals he’ll cook up
for the family as a result.

Travels by Broadsheet
Travels is a complete itinerary-starter. The Broadsheet book curates more than 60 destinations and experiences from around the country, offering a state-by-state account of must-visit wine regions, festivals, fishing spots, isolated beaches and coffee shops, all highlighted with lush photography. For $54.99, consider it a small contribution to dad’s next unforgettable getaway, whether he’s exploring our bustling cities or the remote bush.

Modest Classic from Smithers Swimwear
The idea behind Smithers is to provide swimwear for the modern gentleman, with six separate designs representing the ideals of integrity, modesty, empathy, gratitude, respect and loyalty. This Modest swimwear, priced at $80, covers what it needs to while leaning on a traditionally modest scheme of black and gold, or white and green stripes. The yarn-based fabric is a quick-drying, flexible textile that is both comfortable and practical, graded at UPF 50+.

Kapital Socks from Up There
Okay, we weren’t joking when we said not to get a last-minute pair of socks for your dad this Father’s Day. But these are not the last-minute pair you pick up when you’ve run out of time. At $53, these Japanese-made Kapital socks are woven from high quality cotton and hemp yarn that is both warm and built to last. Plus, that smiley face on the heel would make an excellent double-whammy paired with the Worktones mug.

Limited Release Timepiece from Everleigh Bottling Co
This one is for you to enjoy with dad. Everleigh Bottling Co has created a very special gift for this Father’s Day, with all the necessities for a knock-off drink after a long day. It includes the limited release Timepiece 500ml cocktail, along with two glasses, all packed together in a nice little box – all that’s left for you to do is wrap it up. The Timepiece features bold flavours, with notes of dark chocolate and rich espresso from St Ali. Serve it in one of the accompanying glasses with an orange twist garnish, and dad is sure to be left impressed.

Cedar Shoe Care Box from Double Monk
Australian brand Double Monk specialises in luxury footwear, offering made-to-order loafers, derbies, brogues and boots in an enduringly classic style. And fine shoes need to be taken care of. Pick up Double Monk’s Cedar Shoe Care Box for a recommended addition to dad’s shoe care regime, a custom-made box for storing polishes with a top for shining, built from aromatic cedar and valued at $195.

Field Trip Wall Hanging Organiser from Pony Rider
Pony Rider produces rustic, ageless pieces for creatives, adventurers and homemakers and it means this Field Trip Wall Hanging is suited as much to the restless rambler as the quiet homebody. Each $79 wall hanging is made from a unique patch of upcycled truck canvas, becoming an easy-access organiser for scissors, utensils, phone chargers – pretty much anything dad might need at hand for that next excursion into the field.

Planter from Lachlan Denton
Lachlan Denton oozes talent. The Aussie musician, known for his work with the Ocean Party, has turned to furniture-making, which he approaches with the same restless creativity as his music. The style is minimalist in its form, letting the striking grain of Australian hardwoods take the spotlight in his range of simple desks, stools, bed frames and this $150 planter. Each planter is made to order and promises to be a great example of simplicity and craftsmanship combined, which should slot easily into any dad’s home.

Over $200

Pack and Stash Fireplace from Zorali
Speaking of excursions, there’s a wild world out there of mountains, streams, remote beaches and rugged bushland, and it’s Zorali’s goal that we all get a little more acquainted. This Pack and Stash Fireplace is an ingenious way to trade a hotel for a campsite with its foldable, stainless-steel construction designed for quickfire assembly. At $280, the fireplace includes an adjustable-height grill for cooking the daily catch while off-grid.

Roccbox from Gozney
Gozney founder Tom Gozney has thrown his working life behind one idea: what if it were possible to make restaurant-quality pizza at home? Little sibling to the woodfired Gozney Dome, the $799 Roccbox is a gas- or wood-powered, portable oven that proves that not only is it possible, it’s also accessible. A stone floor and dense insulation allow the Roccbox to come up to temperatures of 500°C, facilitating that authentically crisp base. All dad needs now is a world-class pizza recipe and you’ll never be called on to pick up the takeaway again.

Edward cable knit from McIntyre
Ned Scholfield and Raquel Boedo launched McIntyre to celebrate the quality of Australian merino wool, even spending a year on Scholfield’s family sheep farm to get better acquainted with the textile. Their luxurious woollen knitwear is softer than cashmere, gentle on the skin and free from synthetics – plus, it holds a timeless style of its own. The Edward sweater, valued at $299.95, is a classic cable knit available in white, earth brown or graphite colourways and is an ideal wardrobe staple for smart-casual dads everywhere.

White Blanket Stitch Shirt from Commas
Richard Jarman’s brand Commas is a love letter to a slowed-down, beachside lifestyle. The brand’s clothing combines a relaxed, muted colour palette with effortless silhouettes, evoking the sort of post-work life of daydreams everywhere. The $445 White Blanket Stitch Shirt blends cotton with ramie for a relaxed-fit shirt with a light and airy texture, enhanced with subtle blue stitching around the pocket and sleeves for a breezy summer staple.

Medium Utility Tote from Haulier

Haulier products are the result of deep care for every exacting detail. Founder Jeremy Hershan crafts practical, everyday clothing and accessories with painstaking manufacturing techniques, often looking to the past to create solutions for a contemporary lifestyle. This Medium Utility Tote is woven from selvedge canvas on mid-century shuttle looms, allowing for a high level of quality and zero waste. At $525, this versatile tote is the busy dad’s ideal workhorse for the office and beyond.

Organic Cotton Bath Robe from Baina
The end of the day is a sacred time that ought to be reserved for rest and relaxation. Baina is dedicated to elevating the humble towel, and this tenet extends to its soft terry towelling robe, which combines simple luxury with nostalgic style. For $275, you’ll have the choice of classic ivory or a dark chequerboard colour scheme, both in the same 100 per cent organic cotton terry. Take a load off, dad.

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This article is produced by Broadsheet in partnership with Giorgio Armani.

The Prize pack includes The Critical Slide Society Cap ($39.95), Reed and Co Distillery Bish Bash Bosh Pack ($44.00), Non Alcohol Toasted Cinnamon & Yuzu ($30.00), Truff Hotter Sauce ($32.95), Winona Rosewood Corkscrew ($15.00), Meatsmith Quartz Hill Olive Oil ($17.00), Chappys The Family Box ($30.00), Worktones Smile Mug ($30.00), Feitag Card holder ($60.00), Paul Anthony The Masculine Candle ($69.00), Hardie Grant Fish Butchery ($70.00), Smithers Swimwear Modest Classic ($80.00), Up There socks ($53.00), Broadsheet Travels ($55.00), Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio ($191.00), Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio Profondo Gift Set ($170.00), Double Monk Shoe Care Box ($195.00), Lachlan Denton Planter ($150.00), Pony Rider Field trip organiser ($129.00), Zorali Pack & Stash Fire Place ($280.00), Gozney Roccbox ($799.00), McIntyre Merino Jumper ($349.95), COMMAS Shirt ($445.00), Haulier Utility Tote Medium ($575.00) and Baina Bath Robe ($275.00).

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