If your winter meal repertoire revolves largely around slow-cooked meals and soups bubbling away on the stovetop, chances are you’ve looked into buying a cast iron pot at some point. Founded in 2020 by husband-and-wife duo Kelvin Chan and Chloe Qu, Crumble is the Aussie brand set on bringing a little more colour to your cooking.

Where pots and pans have largely fallen into black and silver colourways, Crumble delivers a collection of cookware that spans the rainbow. “We really wanted to create a cookware range that not only cooks to perfection, but suits any home aesthetic perfectly,” Chan told Broadsheet over email.

Broccoli, peach, chocolate and cream: these aren’t simply things you can cook in Crumble’s pots – they’re the names of colours that are meticulously sampled and tweaked, creating the perfect shades to complement your kitchen. Qu is the mastermind behind the colours you see in the range, often travelling overseas and attending fashion and design events to gather inspiration and stay in tune with current trends.

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The Classic Dutch Oven was the first product that Chan and Qu released after about nine months of development. But it quickly gave way to an entire collection of cast iron pots in various shapes and sizes. The domed Bread Oven, Baby Saucepan and limited edition Pumpkin Casserole dish are the latest to join the ranks.

It’s not all about looks. “We undergo bi-yearly reviews with our manufacturers to ensure that our materials and tools not only exceed expectations, but are long lasting,” Chan says. The brand uses non-toxic enamel and equips each item with cooktop-agnostic finishes, so you can cook with gas, electric or induction. It also offers a 30-day trial period to make sure you’re happy with your oven and stovetop addition.

Ceramic non-stick pans round out the range for everyday use. These pieces are sold individually or in handy sets. And they can even be popped in the dishwasher. “During the weekdays, we find ourselves reaching for our Ceramic range as they’re lightweight and require little to no oil, meaning that we can indulge in healthy stir-fries and recipes like fresh steamed fish using our steamer basket add-on,” Chan shares.


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