Swedish furniture giant Ikea is back with yet another retro-fuelled drop of its 80th anniversary Nytillverkad collection, featuring reimagined classics from its design files.

Last year saw the first instalment of its dopamine-inducing pieces, such as the Domesten stool and 1978 Smed coat stand. Round two was filled with bright orange armchairs, luxe stools and textiles like the psychedelic Alfi pattern from 1971.

The third drop came earlier this year, pulling on groovy designs from the ’60s including the tubular steel Baggboda side tables and Dyvlinge swivel armchair upholstered in cosy corduroy textures.

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Now a fourth installation, injected with a dose of flower power, lands online and in stores in April. Reviving the fun and optimistic spirit of the ’60s and ’70s, it adds 10 new products to the retro-Scandi range, sprouting up as armchairs, pendant lampshades, coffee tables, plant stands and more.

There’s the Onnestad armchair ($149) – a relaxed steel-tubular structure inspired by Ikea’s iconic 1972 Gogo design. It’s now reimagined in a lightweight design that’s easy to move around. Pick between a striking green striped number or the beige and red colourway. Or opt for the round Orreslatt ($199) rattan armchair – a nod to the material’s popularity in the ’70s.

There’s also the Dykarklocka ($99), a white-stained oak pendant lampshade adapted from the 1964 Tivoli style. Or if you’re looking for a fuss-free, minimalist coffee table, there’s the Grananas ($99), an updated take on Ikea’s much-loved 1962 Pop table.

As for big and fun floral designs, find Swedish designer Göta Trägårdh’s popular flower-powered motifs – introduced to Ikea in the early ’70s – splashed across bedspreads, cushions and curtains.

“With the new colourful and bold edition of products, we hope to inspire creative experiments, courage, and positivity in homes around the world,” says Karin Gustavsson, creative lead of the Nytillverkad collection.