After the successful launch of its water-based lubricant, which was highly commended at the Pure Beauty Global Awards 2024, Australian start-up Bed Intentions has launched its second product, the Natural Tingle Balm, a playful oil-based lube and massage oil.

The balm is vegan, preservative-free and cruelty-free, and it maintains the brand’s dedication to responsible and sustainable practices.

Bed Intentions is B-Corp certified. It’s also certified carbon positive by Trace, which means the company purchases more carbon credits than it produces, and it has a partnership with Blaq, an Aboriginal Corporation committed to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander LGBTQI+SB community.

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Bed Intentions, a company launched in Melbourne by Sophie McGrath, worked for more than three years to create the product. The pink capsule contains a blend of essential oils, each chosen for its unique properties and synergy. Peppermint was included for a cooling sensation, balanced by the warming effect of ginger; coconut oil was used for its scent. Together, this creates a “spiced-mint Bounty” fragrance, according to Wanda Chin, Bed Intentions head of product.

“We wanted to create something that would cater to people who prefer oil-based alternatives – usually women who are on other forms of birth control. That being said, you can combine both our products – the Water Based Lubricant and Natural Tingle Balm – together to get an amplified experience.”

Touch is an important aspect of sex as it increases oxytocin, the love and connection hormone, says Chin. “The more you touch someone, the more the sexual chemistry increases. Because of its focused application, the Natural Tingle Balm can be specifically or directly applied on your erogenous zones, whilst the essential oils work to intensify sensations.”

The capsule format was a key focus, offering a hygienic storage solution. It’s also fun to play with. You can bite, twist or tear off the cap to squeeze the balm onto your fingers or elsewhere on your body. The pink capsule also dissolves when placed in hot water.

As for what’s on the horizon, the company is expanding its team and setting its sights on growth in Asia and the UK. It’s also developing a new sleep product slated for launch in late 2024.

The Natural Tingle Balm is now available on the Bed Intentions website, priced at $48 for 30 capsules.