Kit Henseleit and partner Harry Christie founded Geelong-based homewares company Clouding Over as a fun project. “It was never intended to turn into a business,” Henseleit tells Broadsheet. “But once we designed the original Cloud table, and people started seeing it, they said you’ve got to give this a crack.”

The duo – who between them have a background in design, business and architecture – began 3D-modelling and prototyping the brand’s signature Cloud table in 2021, experimenting with different-sized polystyrene cutouts and arches in their living room. As the name suggests, much of the design takes inspiration from nature, namely (you guessed it) clouds.

Henseleit and Christie translate the fluffy forms into striking resin tables made to order in small batches. “I came up with the slogan that clouds are the architecture of the sky, which I think is really beautiful, and they’re just always changing,” Henseleit explains.

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Much like clouds, working with resin means no two tables will ever look the same, Henseleit says. “That’s one of the fun parts about the resin.” The tables are made in Sichuan, China via a process of pouring soy-based resin into a mould before it is cured, de-moulded and hand-finished. They’re available in two swirly colourways, cloud and fairy floss pink.

“We really wanted the table to have a natural, one-of-a-kind feel, so instead of being a perfect circle, from a bird’s eye view it’s an organic shape,” Henseleit says.

It’s also multifunctional and easy to move around your home. Style it as a bedside table with a stack of books and a lamp, or in the living room with a vase of flowers and other trinkets. Henseleit’s favourite place to use these versatile tables is in the bathroom as a shower stool and to display her “favourite bathroom products, [her] Glossier and Go-To skincare”.

The duo recently launched the Sky Vessel, a rounded resin vase in a playful lavender colour. Up next, they plan to expand the Cloud table’s colour range to experiment with solid hues. And a coffee table is in the works.