Aussie roaster and distiller Mr Black was borne out of a love of coffee, and drinking it after-hours. The range, which launched with a cold brew coffee liqueur eight years ago, has grown to include coffee amaro, boozy cold brew and even a coffee Old Fashioned collab with Starward Whisky.

Of course, the combination of booze and caffeine shines best in an Espresso Martini, and after three years of development (and 156 different recipes), Mr Black has launched a canned version of the classic cocktail – just in time for spring picnics and summer beach trips.

The drink is made with house-roasted beans from Colombia and Ethiopia, vodka distilled in-house and a good hit of Mr Black’s own coffee liqueur. The drink is also infused with nitrogen before canning, making it fizz once opened and giving it that signature thick, foamy head.

“People are so often let down by canned analogues of beloved cocktails. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve tried things – can or bottle – that have ‘coffee’ or ‘cold brew’ on the label, but they taste [like] anything but,” says founder Tom Baker. “We’ve turned the flavour and texture all the way up – you know you’re drinking an Espresso Martini, that’s for sure.”

The eight per cent ABV drink can be sipped straight out of a can or poured into a coupe for the full experience. BYO coffee beans to garnish over the foam.

Mr Black Espresso Martini comes in 200-millilitre cans and is available nationwide through Liquorland, First Choice and Vintage Cellars from October 1. Recommended retail price for a four-pack is $34.99.

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