What’s better than a crunchy piece of sourdough coated in a thick layer of Woodside Cheese Wright’s perfectly creamy, fluffy Goat Curd? Knowing you’ve got a whole bucket of the delicious stuff in your fridge, waiting to be loaded into toasted sandwiches, dolloped on lasagnes, and mixed into steaming pastas (or simply devoured with a spoon).

Here’s some news that’ll brighten your day: for a limited time, local artisan cheesemaker Woodside Cheese Wrights is doing a bulk-buy special. It’s selling 1.2-kilo buckets of Goat Curd for $25 (down from $42), as well as one-kilo buckets of Goat Persian Feta for $25 (down from $38).

Unsure what to do with all that cheese? Put it in a toastie, pair it with fruit, add it to pasta bakes, liven-up salads, make pesto, mix it with honey, bake it with beans or eggs – the possibilities are endless.

If you’re keen to try other local cheeses and artisan goodies produced by the company – including beetroot relish; fig, walnut and almond slice; mature cheddar; or the only cheese in the world with edible ants on it – order a hamper. Our picks are the Pantry Essentials and Australian Native packs.

Woodside’s cow and goat cheeses are all handcrafted in South Australia from milk from local dairies. So if you buy a bucket or two of its delectable products, you’ll be supporting a bunch of other businesses in South Australia.

Hurry – the sale is only on until April 28 and these babies will sell fast. Order here. Delivery is available Australia-wide.