The National Measurement Institute (yes, it’s a thing) wants to make sure you’re getting the booze you paid for when you’re at licensed venues such as restaurants, pubs and clubs. So it’s going on a week-long measuring bender to keep venues honest and make sure they measure up to Australian standards.

The institute ensures measuring instruments (such as spirit dispensers) are accurate, and oversees laws that define legal units of measurement. From today until August 25 it’ll be checking on measurement tools – relating to weight, volume and number – at 650 venues across the country, ensuring drinkers are getting what they’re paying for. Pubs, bars and clubs have all been notified that inspections are underway. The institute will also be checking non-standard glassware, such as mason jars used to serve beer, to ensure service complies with legislation.

“Australians should be able to feel confident they are getting what they pay for when buying drinks during a night out or Sunday lunch at the club,” the institute’s general manager for legal metrology Bill Loizides said in a statement. “While we recognise that most businesses want to do the right thing, there are penalties for businesses that breach the law.”

The institute’s 2017–2018 compliance report found that more than three per cent of spirit dispensers were inaccurate. Venues that are found to be serving off-kilter pours can be fined $1050 per offence. If a case is serious enough for prosecution, fines can reach $210,000 per offence for a company and $42,000 for an individual.

Find out more about the National Measurement Institute and its inspections here.