A Glass Of is a relatively new wine delivery service that’s providing a solution to a problem we didn’t know we had. The company, which started at the end of 2020, is making and delivering 200-millilitre pouches of vino, so you can enjoy (a bit more than) a glass of rosé without cracking into the whole bottle.

Co-founder Paul Taylor says “people feel more adventurous when they know they don’t have to buy a bottle”, which is why the company includes five different wines in its $45 boxes. “We want to encourage people to try lots of new and interesting wines from local independent winemakers, without worrying about paying the price of a bottle.”

Each pouch of wine is curated by a sommelier. A Glass Of’s first selection of wine was chosen by Gabby Webster, head sommelier at Sydney’s Icebergs Dining Room and Bar. Taylor says Webster will nominate the next sommelier to choose five of their favourite wines and so on, updating their selection so customers return for new, different drops.

Webster’s choices include mini goon bags of Gilbert rosé from Mudgee, Studebaker pinot noir from Gippsland and Blind Corner chenin blanc from Margaret River. Taylor says they always include tasting notes and information about the winemakers, so customers can connect with the wineries to find out more about their favourite vinos.

“Covid, bushfires and export tariffs have made our support for independent winemakers, and the hospo industry, more important than we could have envisaged,” says Taylor. “If people find a wine they really love, we encourage them to buy a bottle directly from the winemaker so money goes directly to their pocket.”

Each foil pouch is “precycled”, meaning less materials and energy were required to make the casks than glass, cans or plastic bottles. And the pouches can be recycled, too. “You can recycle them at any Redcycle drop-off point, including most major supermarkets,” says Taylor. And they’re working with universities on ways to turn their pouches into second-life products. But if the company’s sustainability model doesn’t motivate you, maybe the free delivery will. Each $45 box is delivered via Australia Post free of charge.

Find out more at aglassof.com