Forget partridges in pear trees, milk maids, leaping lords and rubbish chocolate wise men. All you need for the 12 days of Christmas is this 12 Wines of Christmas advent calendar from Good Pair Days, the online wine subscription service founded by two-time Australian sommelier of the year, Banjo Harris Plane and Tom Walenkamp.

Each box comes filled with a surprise selection of 12 bottles of the service’s highest rated local and imported wines, as judged by subscribers. Each box features either all-chillable, mixed or all-red wines, including a mixture of approachable and adventurous bottles from Australia and abroad, with every bottle individually wrapped.

The boxes are available in three different price brackets. The budget option is $189 and the mid-range is $285. If you order a mixed box there's also a $465 top-tier option. Each tier is made up of Good Pair Days’ $15, $23 and $38 wine ranges respectively.

Nearly half the bottles in each box are exclusive to Good Pair Days, and you’ll also get special recipes, wine pairings, tasting notes – plus a couple of surprises worth $50 to $100, depending on the box. Last year all 2000 boxes sold out.