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When the weather starts warming up, you can’t keep Australians indoors. But if you’re a little bit over the standard snags and onions, there are other realms of outdoor cooking you can look to for inspiration.

American barbeque is characterised by slow-cooked, tender meats doused in a sticky, sweet sauce. They call barbeque chefs “pitmasters” for a reason – it’s an old tradition, and one that often involves skill and patience. Luckily for you, we’ve got the shortcuts to help you replicate these flavours at home.

In partnership with Bull’s-Eye BBQ Sauce, we’re giving you the chance to take your backyard cooking to the next level and nail the full American barbeque experience at home – including the complete kit: a smoker, meat and all the trimmings.

At the heart of American barbeque is the grill (or “smoker”) designed to cook your meats more slowly for maximum flavour, and we’re offering a beauty. Known as the “big daddy” of offset smokers, the Hark Texas Pro-Pit Offset Smoker is built from heavy-duty steel and has an extra-large cooking capacity for when your neighbours get a whiff of that sweet-smelling smoke and invite themselves over.

The secret to American barbeque is time and temperature, which is why the winner will also receive one of the most accurate meat thermometers available: the Maverick iChef Dual Probe Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer. The waterproof probe and wireless technology enable you to monitor your food from up to 40 metres away, so you’re not chained to the grill while cooking the perfect brisket.

Also included is a $150 voucher of meat fresh from your local butcher. That’s Meatsmith if you’re in Melbourne, Vic’s Meats in Sydney, Meat at Billy’s in Brisbane, Adelaide’s Marino Meat and Food Store, and Mondo in Perth.

Finally, you’ll receive a dozen bottles of Bull’s-Eye BBQ Sauce covering their entire range – Original, Smokey Bacon Flavored, Sweet Whiskey Glaze and Dark Beer. You can use it as a marinade or as a dip after the meat is done.

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This article was produced by Broadsheet in partnership with Bull’s-Eye BBQ Sauce.