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2020 made one thing clear: a home replete with creature comforts has never been more desirable. Whether you’re enhancing your digs or ready to welcome mates around for a festive feast, now is the time to boost your outdoor cooking game.

In partnership with Everdure, we’re giving you the chance to do just that – we’re giving away one Hub II barbeque, plus a sizeable bounty of meat and veg to get you grilling.

If you’ve never contemplated cooking shawarma over coal in your backyard, you can thank us later. Everdure’s Hub II takes what we love most about meat cooked over charcoal but improves the technology – and therefore the simplicity and control.

The integrated retractable rotisserie can be raised or lowered at the touch of a button. It also rotates automatically, meaning more precise cooking for your meat (and more time holding a drink for you). There’s a simple, quick-start ignition button, so the charcoal is hot in 10 minutes. Cool-to-touch chrome handles mean you can safely shuffle coals to maintain the heat if you feel the machine is doing too much of the heavy lifting.

Handy for larger gatherings, the grill takes 32 burger patties or 16 steaks at any one time. You could even spit-roast your Christmas turkey while simultaneously grilling cobs of corn, prawns and veggie kebabs underneath.

We’ll also treat the winner to $300 worth of meat and fresh produce from local provedores. For Victorians, that’s Hagen’s Organics in Melbourne; for Queenslanders, it’s Bardon Shed; for West Australians, it’s Perth Organics; for residents of NSW, meat will come from Vic’s Meats in Sydney and veggies from Oooby; and in South Australia, Valley Butchers and House of Organics will supply meat and veg respectively.

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Entries close Friday 18 December 2020. View the competition terms and conditions here.

This article was produced by Broadsheet in partnership with Everdure.