Acai, a berry native to Central and South America, is often marketed as a “superfood”, with a price tag to match. Fresh acai is rare in Australia, while frozen puree will set you back about $16 a kilogram. The humble strawberry is more economical and can be purchased fresh or frozen for about half the price.

Strawberries have no fat and half the kilojoule content of acai, but twice as many carbs. That said, neither has enough kilojoules, carbs or fats to worry dieters of any persuasion. Strawberries are very high in vitamin C, and acai are high in vitamin A, both of which are antioxidant nutrients. Both are high in polyphenols, which are non-essential nutrients with antioxidant properties.

The bottom line: both fruits are nutritious and a varied diet ensures you get all your essential nutrients, so why not eat both?

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