If you’ve ever hosted a picnic, barbeque or house party, you’ve probably ended up with a fridge full of half-eaten cheeses. You keep them because they were expensive and it’s a waste to throw out good food. But you don’t actually eat them, because they sat out for hours and hours and aren’t exactly in tip-top condition now. After a week of feeling guilty every time you open the fridge, you finally chuck them out, wishing you hadn’t bought so much food in the first place.

Enter Hans’s free, new charcuterie board builder. The handy little tool lets you pick pre-made grazing platters or build your own from scratch. And they’ve put a commendable amount of effort into the thing.

Starting with meats such as prosciutto and fig-and-orange salami, the visual, six-step process lets you add soft cheeses, hard cheeses, fruits, nuts, crackers and more. This layout ensures you get a balanced board with the right ratio of cheese-to-meat (important), and something that suits everyone’s taste (also important) .

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You can also choose whether you’re catering for adults only or a mix of adults and kids, and scale the board depending on how many people it needs to feed. At the end, you get a pretty picture of your creation, plus a shopping list to make it happen. Like we said, handy.


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