There are countless ways to upgrade your packet noodles: Sydney chef Dan Hong prefers fish balls and processed cheese, Rising Sun Workshop’s Nick Smith adds in a fried egg, kimchi and pickled shiitake, and Rosheen Kaul of Melbourne restaurant Etta adds prawns and fish cakes to her instant laksa.

Herb and spice merchant Gewurzhaus has added a new option to the table. Its new ramen seasoning blend – “oishii”, after the Japanese word for delicious – combines the convenience of two-minute noodles with the flavour of an umami-rich broth made with real ingredients.

Biodynamic miso (made with white rice, chickpeas, salt and koji, the bacterium used to ferment miso, soy sauce and sake) forms the backbone of the powdered seasoning, alongside ginger, onion, mushroom, turmeric, kelp, clove and star anise. Bonus: it’s vegan-friendly.

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Just mix two tablespoons of the Oishii blend with a litre of any stock, one teaspoon of mirin, a teaspoon of soy sauce and a quarter of a teaspoon of sesame oil to create your ramen broth. Heat it up and pour hot over your choice of cooked noodles.

Gewurzhaus also has a number of recipes that take the seasoning to the next level: make ramen with chashu pork, ramen with soy eggs or ramen with crispy tofu and miso butter corn for an easy weeknight dinner, or skip the noodles entirely and use the mix to make miso-grilled chicken or pork mince with ginger and garlic.

Gewurzhaus Oishii Instant Ramen Blend is $16.50 for 60 grams, online or in-store.

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