Last year, two unlikely bedfellows joined forces: the Morgan McGlone-led purveyor of fried chicken Belles Hot Chicken and Malaysian restaurant chain Pappa Rich. Together they masterminded what they deemed “the ultimate chicken sandwich”.

A hunk of the famous Belles fried chicken was wedged between two slices of Pappa Rich’s ultra-fluffy white Hainanese bread. Coconut vinegar-soaked slaw and Pappa Rich’s “secret sauce” was added. It was delicious, and apparently it was a rip-snorting success.

So much so they’ve teamed up again to bring this limited-edition sanga back to the masses. And while this baby was only available in Pappa Rich stores in NSW last time, now it’s available across the nation.

The collaboration came about when self-professed Pappa Rich fan McGlone was approached by the Malaysian chain to work together to create an unbeatable fried chicken sandwich. After weeks of brainstorming, they came up with this very delicious combination.

Pappa Rich and Belles Hot Chicken’s “ultimate fried chicken sandwich” is available at 30 Pappa Rich stores nationally until June 16 for $13.90 ($14.90 in the Northern Territory).

This article was updated on June 7, 2019.