When Pod & Parcel launched five years ago, its goal was to make notoriously lacklustre and unsustainable coffee pods better for the planet and your tastebuds alike.

The Australian business, which expanded to the US in 2019, aimed to solve the problem of excessive waste from aluminium and plastic pods (billions of which still end up in landfill each year) while bringing small-batch, Melbourne-quality coffee to the masses.

“‘More taste, less waste’ is the motto we live and breathe,” says general manager Owen Simington. “Balancing sustainability and taste can be challenging, but we’re committed to not compromising on either.”

Pod & Parcel pods are compatible with Nespresso machines, but plant-based and compostable. If disposed of correctly, they break down in as little as 90 days.

There are 10 varieties available including six blends and four single origins, offering different intensities and flavour profiles. All are “specialty grade” in accordance with Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) guidelines.

“One of the most exciting things about our business is the number of coffee varieties we have,” says Simington. “We sustainably source our coffee from all over the world, from Tanzania to Colombia.”

Pod & Parcel also has a subscription service, The Coffee Club, which delivers as many colourful boxes of pods as you’d like as often as you’d like them, whether that’s once a week or every three months. It also knocks 17 per cent off the overall cost.

For the coffee agnostic, the business also offers sample packs with tasting notes to help you find the right roast, as well as portable pod machines, reusable cups, gift packs and vegan chocolate.


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