Celebrated English journalist, author and cook Nigella Lawson has launched Foodim, an app designed specifically for food photography.

Lawson worked with her long-time cameraman to produce the app, which she hopes will do justice to your meal snaps.

“It has always been vexing to me that there is no dedicated food photography app,” says Lawson on her website (although iOS apps designed for food photography do exist, including Foodie and Food Photo Editor).

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As seen on her Insta account during her recent travels in Australia, Lawson is an experienced hand at food photography. She feels general photography apps lack the nuance necessary for capturing a meal.

“So many of the filters and so on that are meant to [be] applied on general photography apps do food no favours,” says Lawson.

This year Lawson posted a number of photos of her Australian trip on Instagram stamped with the “Foodim” label, including posts at Melbourne’s Piccolina, and Sean’s Panaroma in Sydney.

Taking a picture in app lets you select depth of field (the balance of in and out of focus elements of an image) based on the angle of the camera, or to manually add it into the photograph.

The editing options offered by Foodim already exist on iOS, but the app streamlines your workflow helping the user to select colour temperature, contrast and brightness – which is handy if you find working your way through the iOS menus and symbols daunting.

You can then add a location, notes and a recipe to the post. The app will also connect you to a likeminded community of Lawson devotees with whom you can share your images.

The free app is available on iOS only in Australia, New Zealand and the UK, with an Android release in the works.

Download Foodim here.