When Qantas announced it was selling off sets of its business class pyjamas (arguably the most covetable loungewear in existence) online during peak lockdown, Australia lost its collective mind. The pyjamas sold out in mere hours.

Now, Qantas has sold off some more previously difficult-to-attain items - Boeing 747 bar carts. This year, the airline retired its 747 models, and it looks like the success of the business class pyjama sale has inspired the company.

The 747 bar carts came fully stocked with everything from 40 mini bottles of white wine, 40 mini bottles of red, and even one bottle of champagne from the business class cellar. Fancy.

If you missed out on those business class PJs, you would have been in luck with the Qantas bar cart. Two sets were included, as well as a Sheridan throw exclusively made for first class.

But of course, as with anything good in 2020 – the bar carts sold out in hours. This is particularly shocking considering the price points – the half cart cost $974.70 including delivery, while the full cart (which contained double the items) cost $1474.70 including delivery.

Who was throwing down this kind of cash so quickly? We'll never know.