Some of the country’s favourite ice-cream brands have dropped plant-based versions of their classic treats.

Servo favourite the Magnum has received a vegan makeover: pick up classic vanilla coated in chocolate, or make like lauded Sydney chef Clayton Wells and buy the almond. Both are made from pea protein and coated in dairy-free chocolate, and you can pick up a pack of three for $7.

If you like your ice-cream with a bit more crunch, Cornettos have been given the plant-based treatment too: soy-based vanilla ice-cream is loaded into a vegan cone and topped with hazelnuts and dairy-free chocolate. These guys are only available from Woolworths, in a four-pack for $9, so make some room in your freezer.

Fans of iced fruit will be excited to hear Weis (which already does vegan chocolate ice-cream in tubs and bars) is doing a dairy-free, gluten-free raspberry and coconut bar. No word on when the mango Weis bar is going vegan-friendly though.

Ben & Jerry’s has had dairy-free ice-cream in Australia for a while now. Its dairy-free pints cost 12 bucks, are made with almond milk and come in the we-can’t-believe-it’s-not-dairy flavours of chocolate fudge brownie, cinnamon buns, peanut butter, and the cookies and coconut seven-layer bar.

It’s also released low-calorie versions of its famously chunky ice-creams, also for $12. The Chocolate Cookie Affair is made from chocolate and vanilla ice-cream swirled with chocolate-chip cookies. It clocks in at less than 150 calories per serve.

Then there’s the Caramel Cookie Fix, a vanilla ice-cream with a shortbread cookie and salted-caramel swirl, and PB Dough, which is chocolate ice-cream with chunks of peanut-butter cookie dough. Both come in at 160 calories or less.

Freezer staple Blue Ribbon has jumped on the bandwagon, too. It’s concocted low-cal versions of its ice-creams; each 460-millilitre tub comes in at under 400 calories, with 60 per cent less fat than the originals and 20 grams of protein. There’s chocolate, raspberry fudge swirl, vanilla bean, and cookies and cream, all for an easy-on-the-wallet $7.99.

The ice-creams are available now from convenience stores and supermarkets.

This story was updated on March 28, 2019.