One of the great benefits of the low- and non-alcoholic beverage revolution is that you can take a break from – or pace yourself, on more vigorous booze consumption during the festive season, without feeling like you’re missing out. It’s a time of year when tying your tie around your head, busting out horror-show dance moves or dropping a shrieking rendition of Sweet Child of Mine at karaoke are par for the course. But looking after your internal and external wellbeing is pretty darn important. In fact, it’s paramount. These interesting, compelling no- or low-alc alternatives are what we’re turning to when we want to hit the pause button.

TINA Drinks 2.0 – $24 for a pack of four
The Melbourne-based duo behind TINA (This Is Not Alcohol) have three tea-based sparkling cocktails, but our pick is their “2.0”. Raspberry, lime leaf and waxflower combined with jasmine pearl green tea make this the cocktail to have when you’re not having a cocktail – a great pick for brunch to kick-ons and anything between.

Heaps Normal x Yumbo Soda Co Tough Stuff Shandy – $74.99 for a carton of 24
This is the kick-off drink, the mid-session drink. It works well to start things off, but equally well as a mid-party speed hump. It’s a pitch-perfect modern shandy with a brilliant, vivid lemony tang and enough of a beery hit to let you know you’re onto something distinct. It lets the good times roll.

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Yes You Can Spritz – $16.50 for a pack of four
This is pretty close to the real deal; an Italian spritz – sans the booze – that mimics the classic Campari and prosecco ones omnipresent for pre-party consumption. It’s great to be able to dress this up in a big wine glass with a wedge of blood orange. Feel comfortable drinking something close to the source and settle in for hangover-free partying.

Tula Ginger Yuzu Functional Spritz – $24 for a pack of four
With ginkgo, L-theanine (an amino acid), Korean ginseng and vitamins B6 and B12, this is called a “functional spritz” – delivering a cocktail experience with a slice of wellness. Sub in for cocktail hour. It walks and talks like a vibrant, zesty spritz and every sip is interesting.

Ghiddy Pet Not White – $22.95
Ghiddy is a small-production non-wine beverage company that has leapt out from the pack due to its brilliant drinking and left-of-centre “wine” expressions. Pet Not is for those sparkling wine moments – it’s a take on the naturally sparkling pétillant-naturel (pét-nat) style, with bright, tart fruitiness, frisky bubbles and general refreshment factor. It makes a mean no-booze spritz too.

Heaps Normal Another Lager – $64.95 for a carton of 24
Heaps Normal knocks it out of the park for certifiably excellent non-alcoholic beer. Its brews are vivid portraits of the classic styles. Here’s a lager that does what lager should – it’s bright, gently bitter, has a pleasing creamy texture and a dry finish. It’s perfect for warm days as a “regular beer” and it’s generally awesome as a building block for a more modest day or night out.