For as long as we’ve had pizza and wine, we’ve been pairing the two together. Topped flatbreads and fermented grape juice date back to ancient Rome, Greece and Egypt, and we’ve been enjoying them ever since.

Pizza and wine nights at home might be a tradition for some of us, but there’s no reason why, with a small amount of extra effort, they can’t become real occasions. It only takes a few little tweaks – a sprinkle of herbs, a drizzle of fancy oil or the right bottle of wine – to transform a casual night in into a date night, a girls’ night or even a pizza and wine pairing party. Here are a few pairing suggestions to take pizza night to the next level.

Eat: Thin & Crispy Margherita; Drink: Dry Rosé

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When it comes to pizza night, there’s nothing wrong with keeping it simple – and it doesn’t get much more straightforward or iconic than the classic margherita. Rustica’s thin and crispy version of what’s arguably the prototypical pizza subtly shakes things up a bit with a crumble of parmesan, a drizzle of garlic and basil pesto and some oven-roasted tomatoes. The simplicity of a margherita opens it up to a wide range of pairing options, but we think it’s best enjoyed with a crisp, dry rosé, which will cut through the creaminess of the mozzarella, balance the tomatoes’ acidity and emphasise their natural sweetness.

Eat: Spinach & Mozzarella with Oven-Roasted Tomatoes; Drink: Grüner Veltliner

Vegetable-forward pizzas like Rustica Thin & Crispy Spinach and Mozzarella with oven roasted tomatoes pair wonderfully with white wines like grüner veltliner. This varietal predominantly comes from Austria but has been gaining popularity worldwide – its subtle acidity and minerality is a perfect match for dishes like vegetarian pizza. Add dash of oregano and chilli flakes to help elevate your pizza and bring out the wine’s subtle notes of herb and pepper.

Eat: Salami & Four Cheese with Basil Pesto; Drink: Syrah

Pizzas like Rustica’s Thin & Crispy Salami & Four Cheese with Basil Pesto begs for bold, peppery reds like syrah, also known as shiraz in Australia. With notes of black pepper, clove and at times a bit of smoke, syrah is a fitting sidekick to salami, so it’s an ideal pick here. And its juicy, fruit-forwardness is a great match for a four-cheese base. Think of it as a more exciting step up from the fruit compote on your cheese and charcuterie plate.

Eat: Australian Angus Beef with BBQ Hickory Glaze; Drink: Pinot Noir

It’s no secret that red meat and red wine are an ideal coupling. Which red to choose is another story, but when pairing with pizzas like Rustica Thin Crust Australian Angus Beef with BBQ Hickory Glaze, let the sauce be your guide. Though you could opt for a rich red such as cabernet sauvignon, the sweet and smoky glaze is better suited to lighter, sweeter varietals like pinot noir. As the wine traditionally used in beef bourguignon, pinot noir paired with beef just makes sense.

Eat: Salami & Double Smoked Leg Ham with Caramelised Onion Relish; Drink: Orange wine

If your pizza of choice involves multiple types of meat, like the Rustica Sourdough Salami & Double Smoked Leg Ham, you should opt for a light, acid-forward wine to cut through the richness. A sip between each bite will refresh your palate and prime it to enjoy each indulgent mouthful of this indulgent pizza. A skin-contact orange is an ideal choice, its earthiness and acidity a great match for cured meats and cheeses. The funkiness of orange wine also pairs well with fermented foods such as sourdough, which makes up the light, crispy base of this pizza.

Eat: Roasted Cremini Mushrooms with Four Cheeses; Drink: Pét-Nat

Also built on a stone baked sourdough base, the Rustica Roasted Cremini Mushroom pizza has a subtle fermented flavour that pairs well with naturally fermented wines like pét-nat. This wine is naturally effervescent, perfect for cutting through the pizza’s quartet of parmesan, mozzarella, cheddar and Camembert cheese, and its earthiness is the perfect match for mushrooms. But if you want to brighten things up, add a handful of rocket to your pizza for the finishing touch.

This article was produced by Broadsheet in partnership with Rustica .