The word “bricks” doesn’t quite grab attention the same way “Lego” does, but the organisers behind a pop-up bar involving “building blocks” – which will be rolling out across Australia in autumn, as reported by Broadsheet last week – has changed its name from Lego Bar to The Brick Bar.

The name change coincided with Broadsheet receiving an email from Lego, which stated: “The Lego Group take it as a sincere compliment when other companies express a desire to associate themselves with our company ... Unfortunately I must object to your use of the Lego® trademark, Lego® Minifigure and/or brick assets in connection with your website.”

It continued: “In this specific case, through the use of our intellectual property, the public may invariably assume, incorrectly, that some connection exists between our company and a highlighted company on your site. Given that no such connection exists, we cannot permit this use.”

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Broadsheet contacted the organisers of The Brick Bar about its name change. They replied: “As stated on our site: we are building a pop-up bar made of one million building blocks and are not affiliated with Lego."

The good news for punters is you’ll still be able to drink beer and muck about with building blocks.

The Brick Bar will be opening in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane in autumn 2018.

Tickets will be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis, and are limited. To register your interest go to