Kombucha has been proliferating on supermarket shelves for several years now, touted as a healthier alternative to soft drinks or even alcoholic drinks. In the process it’s shaken off its original hippie image and moved firmly into the mainstream.

Melbourne-based company Remedy, founded in 2012 by couple Sarah and Emmet Condon, has been at the forefront of this movement. Though Remedy has expanded rapidly and its products are now available in the UK, Singapore, US, Canada and New Zealand, it continues to brew its kombucha in a home-made-style, fermenting black tea over the course of 30 days to produce sparkling, sugar-free drinks. Remedy’s kombucha is live, unpasteurised and contains probiotics and beneficial antioxidants. It’s also expanded into other fermented drinks, including tepache, kefir and switchel.

“We first started brewing kombucha for our family,” Emmet says. “We loved how the traditionally fermented drink tasted and also how it made us feel. We looked around and saw so many products on supermarket shelves claiming to be healthy, but they really weren’t. Rather than get frustrated, we saw it as a huge opportunity to make it right.”

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As much as the drink itself, the company’s new 1.25-litre bottles of kombucha may be the most decisive step in that direction so far. They normalise the idea of booch as an everyday drink, to be bought and consumed in bulk – something commonly associated with Coke and other sugar-laden soft drinks.

It helps that there are four flavours to choose from: delicate peach; zingy ginger and lemon; the fun raspberry lemonade; and refreshing lemon, lime and mint. Sixpacks can be ordered directly from Remedy’s site, either as a one-off purchase or as a recurring subscription.


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