Melbourne’s That’s Amore Cheese has been crafting traditional Italian cheeses for both the city’s top restaurants and formaggio-loving members of the public since 2008. This year, the cheesemaker is celebrating 15 years since founder and Sicilian native Giorgio Linguanti launched That’s Amore Cheese to bring the traditional Italian cheeses of his homeland to his adopted city.

This beautifully balanced tiramisu is the perfect way to mark 15 years of That’s Amore Cheese – or whatever upcoming occasion deserves layers of coffee-soaked savoiardi biscuits loaded with rich mascarpone.

Before you begin, remember this pillowy dessert needs at least four hours in the fridge before serving.

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That’s Amore Cheese’s tiramisu
Serves 8
Prep time: 40 minutes, plus 4 hours chilling

300ml espresso coffee
4 eggs
80g sugar
500g That’s Amore mascarpone
Pinch of salt
2 tbsp marsala liquor or brandy
300g savoiardi biscuits
Dutch cocoa powder for dusting

Make coffee and set aside to cool.

Separate egg whites from yolks in two different bowls.

Whisk yolks with sugar for 5-6 mins, until pale and fluffy. Add mascarpone and whisk gently until smooth.

Whip egg whites with pinch of salt until stiff, then add to mascarpone mixture and fold gently. Set mixture aside.

When coffee is cool, add marsala and stir. Dunk the savoiardi in the coffee, quickly and one at a time, then arrange in a ceramic tray to create the first layer of the tiramisu.

Pour half the mascarpone mixture over the first layer. Add another layer of soaked biscuits and spread remaining mascarpone mixture on top.

Dust with cocoa powder and leave in refrigerator to set for at least 4 hours or overnight.