As far as coffee-laced cocktails go, the Espresso Martini soaks up the limelight. But waiting in the wings is a variation on another classic cocktail with coffee.

The Irish Cold Fashioned strikes the perfect balance between “something old and something new”, according to bartender Martin Hudak, global coffee ambassador for Mr Black cold-brew coffee liqueur.

To make it at home, begin with an Irish whiskey like Roe & Co – a “beautiful entry-level whiskey, because of its triple-distillation and way the malts and grains are blended together” says Hudak. It imbues the drink with a more mellow flavour than single malt, with notes of vanilla, pear and apple.

Then drop in 45 millilitres of Mr Black coffee liqueur. Made with cold-brew – coffee steeped in cool water for a long period of time – created with beans sourced from Columbia, Papua New Guinea and Kenya, Mr Black Coffee Liqueur is mixed with a “super-pure, super-clean, natural wheat spirit,” says Hudak. The coffee-forward flavour of the liqueur creates a perfect canvas for the Irish Cold Fashioned – a riff, of course, on the whiskey-sugar-bitters American classic.

“In a traditional Old Fashioned, you have to use bitters and sugar to give it those essential flavours,” says Hudak. “But [here that] sugar, bitterness and fresh fruitiness is already inside Mr Black- it makes the cocktail super simple to make at home.”

Here’s how to make the Irish Cold Fashioned at home:

Irish Cold Fashioned
Makes 1 serve
Approx. 2.3 standard drinks

45ml Roe & Co Irish Whiskey
45ml Mr Black Coffee Liqueur
2 dashes bitters, such as orange or chocolate (optional)

Combine ingredients in a rocks glass, stir and add ice.

This article is produced by Broadsheet in partnership with Roe & Co. Drink responsibly.