Melbourne’s food-truck king Raph Rashid – who runs Brunswick burger joints Beatbox Kitchen and Juanita Peaches – is launching an online cooking show.

From next Tuesday, he’ll be dropping weekly episodes of Raph’s Mean Cuisine, which will star some familiar faces from the Melbourne food scene and celebrate long-forgotten dishes of Aussie childhoods past.

“Each episode has me and one of my friends, and we basically cook food that used to pop up in the ’80s,” says Rashid. “[It’s taking those] weird Australian interpretations of food and [giving them] a spin to be something I want to eat now.”

By that he means his parents’ “hectic” homemade chow mein. Or buttery, garlicky, breadcrumbed chicken kiev. Basically, any dish you’d find flipping through an old copy of Women’s Weekly magazine – zhooshed up for 2020.

“I spend a lot of time wondering why dishes fall in and out of popularity,” says Rashid. “Why did the kiev kind of go away? Where is the kiev?”

The seven episodes were all filmed late last year in Rashid’s West Brunswick home on his kitchen stovetop, which is unfortunately now broken. Each is about 10 minutes long.

On the guest list is Melbourne Food & Wine Festival’s creative director Pat Nourse, Sydney-based artist Nadia Hernández, and lasagne-making legend Joey Kellock (the man behind 1800 Lasagne).

Rashid will be prepping a roast lamb with Nourse and making tacos with Hernandez, while Kellock’s dish is yet-to-be-revealed. “I won’t give that one away,” Rashid says.

A self-confessed sour cream and sweet-chilli sauce fan, Rashid wants people to openly enjoy the daggy foods dear to their hearts.

“I want people to be able to talk about this stuff and celebrate it and have fun with it,” he says. “Don’t hide your food in the corner. People can talk about what they love and it’s okay, no one is going to shame you.”

Raph’s Mean Cuisine will drop weekly from Tuesday July 28 on YouTube and IGTV. Watch the trailer here.