We live in strange times, a reality star is the most powerful man in the Western World, and now (and best of all) you can drink in a bar made of one million building blocks, while playing with it.

The Bricks Bar pop-up will consist of over one million bricks, and will be the first of its kind, allowing grown-up kids to take a trip down memory lane as they build their own masterpieces while listening to local DJs lay down tracks.

"Its nostalgic and this bar is designed to bring out the kid in all of us," says Demi Montgomer, the bar's creative director.

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The Bricks Bar will be coming to Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane in Autumn 2018.

Tickets will be sold on a first come first serve basis with tickets limited. To register your interest go to thebrickbars.com.

This story was updated on January 17 to reflect changes to the pop-up bar’s name. Originally calling itself Legobar, Denmark’s Lego has no association with the bar and objected to the use of the LEGO® trademark by event organisers.