A clutch of new canned drinks launched this year, bringing new meaning to the term “easy to drink”. We’ve knocked back alcohol-spiked kombucha and slammed down our fair share of canned cocktails. Now there’s a new player on the scene, and it’s the love child of two hip Australian drink makers.

Love Can is a collaboration between Sydney craft-gin distillery Poor Toms and Melbourne soft-drink maker Strangelove. Rather than just combining their two excellent products, the companies worked together to create a series of tinned drinks where the hard perfectly complements the soft.

Take the standard vodka lime and soda. It’s been tweaked slightly, with the lime swapped for fresh yuzu juice, and the vodka has been distilled with apple and chamomile. Likewise, its G&T isn’t like the overly sweet bottled Gordon’s G&Ts your mum drank in the ’90s. It’s more like what you’d find behind the bar at Poor Toms’s Marrickville distillery: both the gin and the tonic have been made for each other for a juniper-heavy taste, with notes of bergamot, grapefruit and cinchona.

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Love Can is also adding to the huge number of spritzes in cans that have come on the market this year. This one contains strawberry gin, orange aperitif and Mildura lemons. The company says it has the “complexity and depth of a Negroni and the lightness of a spritz”.

Each can equates to one standard drink and has an ABV (alcohol by volume) of five per cent. Plus, they all come in packaging that won’t make you embarrassed to be drinking a canned bevvy. Snap up a four-pack for $23.99.