Family-owned grocer Harris Farm Markets has announced it will no longer offer single-use plastic bags at checkouts from January 1, 2018.

The grocery chain got behind Clean Up Australia’s Ban the Bag campaign in April, offering paper bags and fruit boxes as an alternative. Until the end of July, Harris Farm will donate five cents for every customer who doesn’t use plastic bags.

In 2018, it will also offer free smaller single-use paper bags and reusable paper bags for less than 15 cents.

“It’s a win for the environment and a win for customers, as there are long-term environmental costs associated with plastic bags,” said James Kerridge, the head of marketing and e-commerce at Harris Farm.

This ban follows a move by Woolworths and Coles, to phase out plastic bags over the next 12 months. Plastic bags will still be offered for 15 cents, but they will be “more durable”.

“Since #BanTheBag had a lot of customer support, we think customers are definitely ready to make a change,” says Kerridge.