“I’m in the business of summer,” says Christy Tania. It’s true. As the owner and maker of the inventive desserts at Glacè Frozen in Windsor, Tania has a knack for knowing what people want. “In summer they want something fruity, cold or chilled, and maybe even some brain freeze.”

Nearly 15 years ago, Christy Tania quit her job in business consulting and moved to France to take a pastry-making course. She learnt how to make a lot more than croissants. “When you become a pastry chef, you learn the culinary techniques to make ice-cream, mousse, cakes, chocolate, bread and so much more than the name suggests,” she says.

Returning to Australia she knew she wanted to make treats that catered to a broad demographic, settling on ice-creams and chilled desserts. “I like as many people to be able to consume my products as possible,” she says. “That’s the wonderful thing about jelly – everyone can make it and it’s fun and social, too.”

Her ethos at Glacè is to make natural ice-cream and sorbet traditionally, but serve it in a modern way. She’s taken the same approach with her Pimm’s Jelly recipe. “The Pimm’s is the hero of the dessert,” she says. “So when heating it for the recipe, it’s important to keep the level low to retain the flavour of the liqueur and as much of the alcoholic content as possible.”

Tania uses two types of gelling agents in her Pimm’s recipe, saying both have unique benefits. “A lot of people like to use agar to make jelly really thick, but to me, agar on its own is very brittle,” she says. “Gelatine is also popular, but on its own adds too much of its own flavour to the mixture.”

Pimm’s is a gin-based liqueur with subtle hints of citrus and spice, which Tania says makes a great base from which to explore many other flavours. Fresh ingredients commonly paired with Pimm’s No. 1 Cup are cucumbers, oranges, strawberries and mint. For Tania it has to be strawberries.

“Every time I think of Pimm’s, I think of strawberries,” she says. “It’s a great summer fruit, simple but playful.” The Pimm’s jelly recipe can be enjoyed either on its own as a chilled snack or levelled up with whatever sweet additions you so desire.

“I’d add a scoop of cold sorbet to the Pimm’s Jelly,” says Tania. “I think it’s especially brilliant for summer celebrations.”

A Pimm's Jelly Recipe for Summer
Makes approx. six jellies. Approx. 1.6 standard drinks per serve.

500ml Pimm’s
250ml lemon tonic water
100g frozen strawberries, roughly chopped
1g agar powder
25g gold gelatine
Six jelly moulds

Heat Pimm’s liqueur, lemon tonic water and chopped strawberries in a saucepan on low heat. On the side, measure the agar and gold gelatine. Bloom the gelatine by placing into a bowl and adding cold water. Leave until soft then squeeze water out from gelatine and set aside.

When saucepan mixture begins to simmer, add agar and stir continuously with a spatula or a whisk for 4–5 mins. Remove saucepan mixture from heat and add softened gelatine, stirring until fully dissolved into mixture.

Pour mixture into shallow tray or jelly moulds and chill in fridge overnight or until completely set.

To serve, remove jelly moulds from fridge and flip moulds upside down to place jelly contents onto a plate. Garnish with leftover strawberries and scoop of fruit sorbet on top or to the side.


Take your Pimm’s jelly to the next level by slicing the jelly into small cubes and placing in a cup. Add lemon tonic (or base mixer of your choice) and a scoop of sorbet as a float. Tania recommends mandarin, passionfruit or dragonfruit sorbet flavours, but any seasonal fruit flavour will work.

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