Online indie grocer Wholesome has launched its first branded product: Wholesome Goods Great Southern extra virgin olive oil.

The limited-edition release features Leccino, Frantoio and Coratina olive varieties, comprising a typical Tuscan blend. Expect an aromatic and fruity flavour with a peppery finish that is great for dipping, dunking and drizzling but still mellow enough to use in everyday cooking.

The oil is sourced from a family owned and operated grove in the Great Southern region of Western Australia. A cool, wet climate has allowed the area to thrive with its wine production, truffle industry and olive groves.

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A 250-mil bottle is available for $15 or $12.50 for Wholesome members.

If you’re not already signed up, Wholesome is offering 50 per cent off its memberships during January. The annual subscription fee gives members access to discounts on products (essentially equating them to wholesale prices), as well as free gifts to experience new brands, including a curated welcome pack. But, perhaps most importantly, for every person who signs up, Wholesome will donate a membership to someone in need.

Wholesome also works closely with Ozharvest, pledging meals to vulnerable Australians as part of their philanthropic efforts, including a commitment to donate two per cent of membership fees annually.

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